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Формат: MP3,tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2018
Жанр:Trance,Progressive Trance,Uplifting Trance,Electro/NRG Trance
Страна: All World
Продолжительность: 11:10:29


1.2Sonic - The Crazy Little Things (M Ace Remix)
2.4 Strings & Fenna Day - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Extended Mix)
3.5napback feat. Maria Mathea - Do You Better (Nash & Pepper Remix)
4.Above & Beyond - My Own Hymn ((ALPHA 9 Extended Remix))
5.Above & Beyond feat. Justine Suissa - Cold Feet (Extended Mix)
6.Abraham Ramirez - Paradise (Carl Daylim Remix)
7.Activa - Meridian (Extended Mix)
8.Adam Ellis feat. Aylin - Jaehaerys (Extended Mix)
9.Ahmed Helmy feat. Nadine Zureikat - Chills (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
10.Airum Frat. Avenax - Listen (Shafonia & Sali Remix)
11.Akcess - So Are You The One (Venetica Remix)
12.Alex Byrka - Aeria (Original Mix)
13.Alexander Popov & Tenishia ft. Thomas T - Play Your Cards ((Max Roven Extended Remix))
14.Allburn & Ria Ananda - Always (Original Mix)
15.Ana Criado & Solomon08 - Afterglow (Uplifting Trance mix)
16.Andretta - Abydos (Extended Mix)
17.Andrew Rayel feat. Eric Lumiere - Ill Be There (Super8 & Tab Extended Remix)
18.Anselm Redchild - The Web Of Dreams (Extended Mix)
19.Antonio Cortes - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
20.ArcAnum - Terrae (Original Mix)
21.Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell - Sex, Love & Water (DRYM Extended Remix)
22.ARTY - Rain (Extended Mix)
23.Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher - There Will Be Angels (Extended Mix)
24.Can Unsal - Diver (Original Mix)
25.Capa & Clara Sofie - Breathe (Shane 54 Extended Remix)
26.Carl Crellin & Mark S feat. Ryun Anderson - Blessed (Original Mix)
27.Christina Novelli & HAKA - Worlds Collide (Extended Mix)
28.Cosmic Gate & JES - If Not Now (Extended Club Mix)
29.Danny Stubbs - High or Low (Extended Mix)
30.Dave Moz Mozo feat. Alaera - First Kiss (Original Mix)
31.David Broaders - Swelter (Extended Mix)
32.Derek Ryan feat. Melissa R. Kaplan - Ripples (Rene Ablaze Remix)
33.DJ Nell & DJ Beda feat. Karol - Feel The Change (Original Mix)
34.Driftmoon - Invictus (Ishas Theme) (Extended Mix)
35.Easy Sadness - The Internal Struggle (Original Mix)
36.Emmy Skyer - Sayonara (Extended Mix)
37.Estiva X Ruben de Ronde - Rainbow (Extended Mix)
38.Eugene Luu, Danny Fathom & Brandon Michaels - The Mercenaries (Extended Mix)
39.Evgeny Lebedev - Pressure (Original Mix)
40.FAWZY & Follow Focus feat. Akire - Unite With The Emotion (Extended Mix)
41.Feel & Diana Leah - Out Of Life (Sunset Extended Mix)
42.Forcebeat - We Rock You (QUEEN Tribute)
43.Gelvetta - My city (Original mix)
44.Gordey Tsukanov - Opacity ( (Solarstone Retouch))
45.Gosselt feat. Robin Vane - U & I (A-Tronix & Sven E Remix)
46.Gosselt feat. Robin Vane - U & I (Extended Mix)
47.Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Russell - When Our Story Has To End (Stargazers Extended Mix)
48.Holbrook & SkyKeeper vs 1Touch - Moonfire (Extended Mix)
49.Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca - Let Me Know (Extended Mix)
50.Indecent Noise feat. Noire Lee - Glitches (Niko Zografos Remix)
51.Iversoon & Alex Daf with Woody van Eyden feat. Cari - The Love is Gone (Iversoon & Alex Daf Extended Mix)
52.John Odin & GEO-D & Khai Lim - Breakwater (Original Mix)
53.Jonathan Carvajal & Straight Up feat. Lyuba Almann - Game Is Over (Original Mix)
54.Jordy Eley feat. Megan Louise - Never Be Alone (Extended Mix)
55.Kaimo K feat. Jess Morgan - In A Whisper (Extended Mix)
56.Karl Schaap & Sincere Feat. Danny Claire - Everything (Angel Ace Remix)
57.Karl Schaap & Sincere Feat. Danny Claire - Everything (Original Mix)
58.Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Orkidea Pure Progressive Mix)
59.Kyau & Albert feat. Jeza - Bring You Back (DJ Version)
60.Lowland - Weve Been Here Before (Cold Blue Extended Remix)
61.Lucky Nicky - Clear Blue Water (Fiben Remix)
62.Mandrágora & Sawlead Ground - Outsiders (Original Mix)
63.Max Freegrant & Francesco Sambero feat. Lina Fouro - Shooting Star (Andre Sobota Extended Remix)
64.Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra - Light Is Life (Original Mix)
65.Moonsouls & Marjan - Running Wild (Extended Mix)
66.Natalie Gioia & Dan Thompson - Be In Love (Sam Laxton's Soul Contact Remix)
67.Neelix, Ghost Rider, Caroline Harrison - The Sun ( (Extended Mix))
68.Oliver Barabas Feat. Loelitah - Freedom (Sothzanne String Remix)
69.Oliver Smith feat. Amy J Price - Lovingly (Extended Mix)
70.Omar Essa & Youssef Wassef - Opia (Extended Mix)
71.Physical Dreams - When You Do Not Love Me (Original Mix)
72.Proff feat. Cory Friesenhan - Misidentify (Movement Machina Extended Remix)
73.PUSH - Tranzy State of Mind (Amir Hussain Bootleg)
74.Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Andy Kern Uplifting Mix)
75.Roman Messer & DJ Xquizit feat. Osito - Empire Of Our Own (Alexander Popov Extended Remix)
76.Ruslan Radriges & Lucid Blue - Breaking Waves (Extended Mix)
77.S5 - Rara Avis (Original Mix)
78.Sash! Feat Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (Nicholson Remix)
79.Scot Project - D (Don't Go) (Extended Mix)
80.Selrom - Instinct (Original Mix)
81.Seven Lions, Runn - Calling You Home ((Oliver Smith Extended Mix))
82.Sheridan Grout & Luke Anders - Bad Days (Extended Mix)
83.Sied van Riel & Natalie Gioia - Hold Me Close (Original Mix)
84.Somna & Cari - My Home (Extended Mix)
85.Spark7, Dennis Pedersen & Sylvi - Supernatural (Original Mix)
86.Steve Allen & Sue McLaren - Old Flame (Extended Mix)
87.Sunlight Project feat. Emoiryah - The Night Is Young (Original Mix)
88.Susana & Neev Kennedy - The Promise (Kaimo K Extended Remix)
89.Syntouch & Ariette Florence - Unspoken Words (Original Mix)
90.The Sixth Sense - Kiss The Rain (Original Mix)
91.The Thrillseekers - In These Arms (Gundamea Extended Remix)
92.The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Affinity 2018 (Extended Mix)
93.Theoh & Julie Thompson - How It Feels (Extended Mix)
94.Tim Verkruissen - While the City Sleeps (Extended Mix)
95.Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Jilax x Madness Express x Rebugs Bootleg)
96.TyDi with Christopher Tin feat. Dia Frampton - Tell Me (Club Mix)
97.TyDi with Christopher Tin feat. London Thor - Did You Know_ (Club Mix)
98.Ushira - Humn Of Desapair (Original Mix)
99.Vlind vs Amos & Riot Night - Betrayed (Extended Mix)
100.WeareD feat. Maria Milewska - Arca (Extended Mix)

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